ECCV 2006 - Demonstrations


The following demonstrations were shown in the ECCV2006 demo session:
A. Senior: IBM Smart Surveillance Systemdownload pdf
C. Yuan, Robust object tracking and pose estimation using local invariant featuresdownload pdf
F.J. Seinstra, A Demonstration of Color-Based Object Recognition on a Griddownload pdfdownload AiboRecognize.mpg
G. Awad, Real-Time Hand Gesture Segmentation, Tracking and Recognitiondownload pdf
H. Bay, SURF Speeded Up Robust Featuresdownload pdfdownload poster.pdf
H. Schumann-Olsen, Using mobile phones as matrix bar code readers for creating and accessing digital graffitidownload pdf
J. Sun, Background Cutdownload textdownload Background_Cut_01.wmv
download Background_Cut_02.wmv
download Background_Cut_03.wmv
download Background_Cut_04.wmv
download Background_Cut_05.wmv
J. Winn, Object Class Recognition at a Glancedownload pdf
M. Özuysal, Feature Harvesting for Tracking-by-Detectiondownload pdf
N. Birkbeck, Quick And Easy Capture of 3D Object Models from 2D imagesdownload pdf
O. Schreer, GestAvatar - Real-time Animation of Avatarsdownload pdf
R. Belaroussi, face tracking and facial features detectiondownload pdf
T. Georgiev, New Light Field Camera Designsdownload pdf


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